Food Equity Group is a new-age culinary driven food licensing business which develops and owns trend led retail, FMCG and foodservice brands and sales networks.

Servicing gaps in each respective channel, our brands are fuelled for growth based on decades of food retail, manufacturing, supply chain and property expertise, thereby providing a unique and powerful blend of intimate market knowledge and operational excellence.

Our industry has been sideswiped by the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent government lockdown conditions. To combat this, and to support the industry and customers through the economic downturn, we created HospoMarket, a community‑based aggregator launching in Sydney’s North Shore.

HospoMarket is a contactless convenience retail, ‘click & collect’ and home delivery service which supports local hospitality businesses, their staff, customers and residents.
Our vision is to expand the reach and benefits of the program by seeding HospoMarket’s in other localised areas, as a means of maximising its positive social and commercial impact.
In the hardest of times, we band together to achieve a true community and hospo‑industry win/win!




Sam Werrett

Restaurants Director

Richard Robinson

Culinary Director

Mel Sharpe

Group Operations Director

Andrew O'Brien

Creative Director

Meagan Cassar

Culinary Operations Manager

Justin Hammond

Development Chef

Son Sewoo

Group Restaurants Manager
Head Chef
General Chao

Mike Brown

Head Chef
Stretch Italian

Charlotte Park

Front of House
Restaurant Manager
General Chao

Michelle Duncan

Project Assistant

Graeme McCormack